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Black Belt with a Pink Ribbon

Because when I scream, I scream in G minor

17 December
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About me, well hmm... People say I'm too nice, even though I can be a bit sarcastic. I consider myself an optimist and I try to find the funny side of everything. I have perfectionist tendencies. I love making people laugh. I'm outspoken and opinionated, and I can be bluntly honest, but I try to be nice about it. I don't like making people angry. I think I'm pretty mature for my age, but at the same time, I'm a hyperactive, spazzy dork, and I can be quite the fangirl. I've been told that I'm quite scary when I'm angry, but luckily, that doesn't happen too often...

I love the arts in any shape or form. I love to draw, as you can probably tell by looking at my many art posts in my journal. I have a deviantART account (check the homepage link) so feel free to add me there. XD; Also, I love to write fanfiction, original short fiction, and poetry. I play the trumpet, and I would love to pursue a career in either writing, art, or music. Or I could pull a Fujiwara Motoo and do all three...Now there's a thought... Actually, I'm majoring in linguistics.

Lessee, what else? I'm a bit of a girly-girl, although I'm not as girly as Kimeru... XD;; I have a weakness for pretty art, I'm prone to blonde moments, I'm a music addict, I like cute things, and I have a third degree black belt.

Oh, and I forgot to mention the anime obsession. Currently Price of Tennis is my favorite, but anything with decent art, decent characters, a decent plot, and decent bishounen will catch my interest. I tend to prefer shounen over shoujo, but I often indulge in Ouran and CLAMP...and La Corda d'Oro has stolen my soul recently! (HIHARAAAAAA!!!~)

And while I'm at it, TeniMyu is love. So is Bump of Chicken. ^___^

Chibi is love.

Kamio is love.


Fujiwara Motoo is Luffy love!

Masukawa Hiroaki is shy love!

Motoo and Hiro are love BFF!