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yaoi wa nan desuka?

October 21st, 2008 (07:24 pm)

feeling: sick


I only made it to the first fifteen minutes of my Japanese class today so I could take the listening part of the midterm (despite the fact that I have an ebil stomach bug and spent a sizeable chunk of last night throwing up). However, those few minutes were QUITE epic imo.  I blame Joe for wearing his  "I <3 Yaoi Boys" shirt.

Nishi-sensei: *notices Joe's shirt and asks him in Japanese* "What is 'ya-o-i'...'yaoi'...'ya-o-i?'"
*Awkward pause where half the class begins looking around and giggling uncomfortably because we're all anime geeks. The other people in the class look confused.*
Joe: *looks EXTREMELY uncomfortable* "Ask Cullen."
*Nishi-sensei turns to me*
Me: "It's Joe's shirt, not mine!"
Nishi-sensei: "Is it something offensive?"
*half the class dies on the spot while the other half gets very curious*
Ye: "It depends on who you're asking. I find yaoi VERY offensive."
Me and Moi: *burst into matching uncontrollable yaoi fangirl giggling fits*

Luckily for our sanity, Nishi-sensei decided to drop the subject. Then I left.

I am SO sick of being sick, but I hope some of y'all get a laugh from this. I'm off to get some rest. I mean study for Japanese and tai chi. <.<;;


Posted by: Snowy (tsumetaitsubasa)
Posted at: October 22nd, 2008 02:55 am (UTC)

L. O. L.

XDDD That is seriously awkward. Wonder what the other half of the Japanese class is doing now...? Googling yaoi? XD

D: Get better soon!

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